Bluebird Field

This is a field full of bluebirds with a view of Loma Prieta.

There is a field a short ride from my house with a bench that provides a glorious view of Loma Prieta. I ride there almost everyday. In the Spring and Summer cows graze in the fields. This field also seems to have the ideal habitat for Bluebirds. They like open fields bordered by trees and shrubs. In the fall the Bluebirds migrate south for warmer weather. Sometimes there are flocks of 10 or 12 Bluebirds eating in the field during migration. The Bluebirds must have told all their friends that this is the best field anywhere for food and habitat. In most areas of the country seeing 1 Bluebird or a mating pair is a rarity and cause for excitement. But in this field the normal rules for Bluebird’s don’t seem to apply.

I can sit on the bench and dream about riding up Loma Prieta. It is not a ride I do everyday as it is 10 miles up the mountain and then 10 miles back down. But on the bench in this field I often dream of my last ride up the mountain through the redwoods. Maybe that is also what the Bluebirds like to do. I believe that is what the Bluebird on the fence post is doing – admiring Loma Prieta.

Published by Rod

I love walking and riding in the hills.

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