This is a Live Oak leaning on its’ elbows on a hill near my wild loquat orchard. There are many kinds of oks in the world. The Live Oak lives in Northern California and does not lose its’ leaves in the winter. Masanobu Fukuoka advocated natural farming. He proposed and experimented with ways to revegetateContinue reading “Loquat”

Honey Mandarin

Honey mandarin about ten feet tall growing in Santa Cruz California. We have a very small lot in Santa Cruz with 20 fruit trees all sharing space. Nothing can match tree ripened fruit. Grocery store fruit, picked green and hard, just can’t compare. They all seem to know and accept their close quarters, grateful forContinue reading “Honey Mandarin”

Everything is a Wave

The photo is from my Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor (CGM) Everything is a wave, our heartbeat, our breathing, brain waves, even thoughts go up and down with emotion just like a wave. The stock market is said to rise and fall between fear and greed. Tides come in and go out, which is anotherContinue reading “Everything is a Wave”

This Too Shall Pass

The bench on the 50 foot cliff overlooking Monterey Bay has been repaired. The bench is not an “official” California bench. It is not even an official park but rather a bluff running along side an old abandoned railroad line. As often happens on the Northern California coast, individuals take it upon themselves to buildContinue reading “This Too Shall Pass”