How Old is Old

This is the church, Iglesia El Salvador, by the main plaza in Nerja, Spain. The original church was built in 1505 although this structure was built in 1697.

Old is a relative term in Nerja. There are many classifications of old. Houses around here that are old may be 50 or 100 years old.

The church is a little over 300 years old and that is just very old.

There is a 500 year old castle in a city nearby and yet that is only medieval.

The system of towers along the coast used to warn of pirates are 1000 years old and are merely ancient.

There are 2000 year old Roman ruins nearby and these are only primeval.

Caves with 40,000 year old prehistoric wall paintings are within walking distance of here.

I feel like a kid in comparison.

Published by Rod

I love walking and riding in the hills.

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