25 Foot Buddha

Looking through the doors is the Buddhas knees. His head looks out the upper windows.

I went back to the steepest hill in Santa Cruz.

This time I did not make it to the top. I was halfway and peddling very slowly. A person could walk faster than this but that is not really the point for me.

I started to tip over and lost my balance. I had to stop. This happens occasionally. I restarted and finished the climb. I rode to the second Buddha up another short incline. This Buddha is in an ornate temple and is about 25 feet tall.

No big deal. Stopping in the middle of the climb does not make my ride a failure. Sometime I can ride it and sometimes I can’t. I am just happy to be out riding in the redwoods, breathing fresh air and pushing myself. It is a miracle that I can even try to do this at all.

I love hills.

Published by Rod

I love walking and riding in the hills.

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